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Permanent Wants Post!
I think it's just about time for a real wants post!
This will be a permanent, updated post with what I am looking to buy/trade for.

My main collections:
I will almost always be interested in non-flat items, and occasionally flats. (no TGC)
Image result for zygarde animated sprite

My wife's main collections:
I will almost always be interested in non-flat items, and occasionally flats. (no TGC)

Lesser Collections:
I may be interested in non-flat items only. (no flats)

Specific wants:
(TTO plush and loose figures are fine!)

Pokemon Center NY Wall Clock

Pokemon Center Zygarde 10% plush
Japanese 3DSLL system (would prefer boxed pokemon-themed system, but will consider others)
White Kyurem, shiny Pikachu, Rumble U Figures (would prefer with capsule)
Clear kid figures I dont have
Shiny kid figures I dont have

Emboar DX Pokedoll
Emboar Pokecen plush
Any Pokemon-themed Gaming console that I don't have (would prefer boxed)
Tomy laying Weavile plush
Zangoose Pokemon Time Tin
Zangoose Clear kid figure (attack pose)
Zangoose Tomy figure
DX Kid figures I don't have (mostly gen 1 and 2)
Pokemon Time Lucario Pouch
Pokken DX items of Lucario/Weavile

Zorua OR Zoroark full-sized DS stylus
Chesnaught Pokecen plush
Jakks Zoroark
Banpresto chibi Hydriegon plush
Charizard Pokemon Time Plush
Pikachu OOPS plush pillow
Weavile DX Pokedoll
Tomy Lucario Plush (non-chibi one)
Skiddo and Gogoat clearfiles (striped ones)
Zangoose Pokemon Time clearfile
Mega Gengar PC plush (regular and shiny)

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Hi! I have a Black Kyurem and a Mewtwo Rumble U figure in my sales post here: http://peppermmints.livejournal.com/1489.html in case you'd be interested. I'd also be happy to do a discount if you wanted both :) Just so you're aware, I would be shipping from the UK.

I have Mewtwo (I'm pretty sure, at least)
But I'd be interested in Kyurem.
How much would shipping be to Canada?
And is there anything in my sales posts that you would prefer to trade for?

Would you be willing to do a trade or partial trade for that lovely Vulpix bank? :) it's pretty late here so if it's ok with you I'll get you a quote in the morning :)

Shipping would be $4.88 so your total with fees etc would be $13.57 :)

Ok. Would you prefer paypal, or a trade for the vulpix bank?

Hmm, I think I'd prefer Paypal if that's ok by you? If so, could you send it to Sammie.Rivers@hotmail.com with your username and what you bought :)

Hey :) Just letting you know that I'll ship Kyurem on the way to work tomorrow!


How much are you looking to spend on a 3DS LL system?

Depends on the version, and if it's boxed.
Ideally, I'd like to pay up to $90 for a used, loose one, up to $175 for a new boxed one, and up to $300 for a Pokemon Limited Edition one. But, let me know what you've got, and I'd be willing to check it out!

I have a used Pokémon Center edition with Y version pre-installed. That's the gold colour version released last year. It's in excellent condition with screen protectors applied on the top and bottom. I'm mainly using it to collect events in Japanese.

Very interested. Do you have the original box? How much would you like for it?

Sorry for the delay. Yes, I still have its original box, but the plastic styrofoam cover thing for the console is gone I think.

I'm honestly not sure what to price a used Pokemon Center edition console. If I had to take a guess with your pricing list, then $230? It's not new but it is a Pokemon Center edition. Feel free to make an offer though. I usually keep an open mind. Shipping may be a bit on the high side. I will try to package it safely and still try to reduce shipping cost as low as possible.

If you can do it for 240 shipped, I'm comitted. Would you mind sending a pic first, though?

I'll need to confirm the shipping cost as I want to see if I can do that price with express post due to the built-in lithium batteries. So the sooner it gets to you, the better.

You can find some photos with this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/kd4bchp799yuebb/AAD9bWTj7BBMp9HaE5CbYG5_a

Thanks for the pics.
I'm located in canada.
Let me know :)

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