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Quick Sales and Auctions! ENDED

I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on Nov. 6 2014.
My feedback can be found Here

Please read terms and conditions:
-All PKMN Livejournal rules apply.
-My sales are all limited time offers. I usually keep things posted for about a week or so, then I pull what's unsold to bundle into ebay lots.
It's easier for me to maintain, and it ensures that I'm always offering new stuff!
-Paypal is preferred, but I will also accept EMT, check, money order, or credit card (though Square)

-No minimum!
-DO NOT SEND PAYPAL AS "GIFT". Send as payment for goods and services.
-Please include LJ Username with payment
-No additional charges for Paypal/Square fees.

-I don't mind holding stuff for people, as long as I get communication with a firm timeframe.
-Payment due within 3 days.
-Non-smoking home. I do have cats, however.
-I will do my best to correct any problems. Please contact me if something has gone wrong (lost, damaged, wrong item, etc)

I ship from Ontario, Canada.
I will ship internationally for the most part, but I reserve the right to refuse shipping to several countries: France, Italy, Brazil.
Handling time will be 1-3 business days.
I ship 2-3 times per week.
Many small figures can be shipped as flats (starting at $4 to North America, $5 international)
Otherwise, shipping starts at $8 worldwide.

Combusken kid figure for scale
(purchaseable for $2, if you're so inclined!)

All plush is used/TUSH TAG ONLY (unless specified)

Auctions end Thursday, April 23rd, 18:00 UTC ENDED

Auction timer here



SHINY Legendary Dogs Pokecen lottery charm set NIP

Shiny Kid Figures: Squirtle, Wartortle, Skitty, Dustox, Rayquaza -has a small bite mark in his ear... :(

Pokedolls Groudon Kyogre Lugia and Ho-Oh. Lugia is newer/minky, others are older/velboa

Pokedoll Sawk Throh, Mini Pokedoll Sawk Throh, Torchic Canvas MWT

Large Laying Banpresto Mew

Straight Sales:
Kid figures

Kid figures special:
Stretchychu $5
Dittochu $6
Surfingchu $3
Pink Butterfree $4

Kid Figures Clear:
Magmortar $8
Pachirisu $10
Tauros $5
Kangaskhan $4
Dedenne $5
Victini $4
Shaymin $4
Horsea $5
Bellsprout (scuff on leaf) $5

Kid Figures clear:
Jolteon $8
Flareon $8
Eevee $5
Darkrai $4
Ivysaur $4
Dragonite $7
Pichu $5
Donphan $7
Gengar $5
Marill (scuffed) $3
Staryu $5
Shellos $9

Pikachu $5
Vanilluxe line $7
Cherrim Line $7
Ledian Line $4
Crawdaunt Line $4
Tangela Line $5
Golurk Line $5
Pixel Zekrom $3
Pixel Cofagrigus $4


Emolga Pokecen $7
Snivvy Transforming Pokeball $15
Stunky Banpresto $15
Prinplup Banpresto $15
Glameow Banpresto $12

Meowstic DX Banpresto $25
Salamence Banpresto (larger style) $25
Empoleon Banpresto (has tush tag) $15
Eevee Banpresto $10

Elekid Banpresto $25
Inkay Bapresto We Are Rocket $25
Gengar Banpresto $15
Glaceon Banpresto $15

Dedenne DX Banpresto (huge!) $30
Pikachu McDonalds (loved, but still speaks!) $10
Snubbull Banpresto $10

Joltik Halloween Pokecen MWT $12
Joltik Halloween Banpresto MWT $17
Emolga Chef Pokecen $18
Raikou Banpresto (has hangtag, missing headstring) $20

Pokedoll Jirachi $12 (ON HOLD)
Pikachu MWT $10
Terrakion (tag has some wear) $17
Mincchino MWT $17

Dragonite 1997 Banpresto (hangtag has some wear, one antennae is unravelling) $20
Dragonite Banpresto $7
Plusle Banpresto $10
Charmander 1997 Banpresto (good hangtag) $20
Pichu Banpresto $7
Porygon Z Banpresto $15

Sawk $3
Throh $3
Pachirisu $8
Samurott $6
Snorlax $5
Lampent $5
Sewaddle $5
Pignite $3
Fennekin $5

As always, trades are welcome.
My want list is here
Tags: auction, banpresto, kid, mpc, pokedoll, shiny
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